Young Moon Rising: Live

by Porno Wolves

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released June 25, 2016

All songs written by Porno Wolves
Porno Wolves:
Ryan Bachman, Shea Drenkow, Anthony Gore, Steven Schwartz
Recorded by Jason Woolery and Austin Sprynczynatyk at
Recorded Live at 331 Club Minneapolis
Mixed by Danny Morrison
Mastered by Danny Morrison
Copyright Porno Wolves 2016



all rights reserved


Porno Wolves Minneapolis, Minnesota

Emerging from the melancholy sludge-rock preceding albums, Renegades is a refinement of the Porno Wolves sound. The forthcoming album is a collection of dance-able tracks featuring striking guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and sing-a-long melodies; Recommended listening at peak volume. for guest list, interviews, or promo copies "Renegades"
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Track Name: Rock Hard City (live)
My leg's been shaking
for thirty days straight
ain't slept in weeks
my whole body aches
i walk around this town
like I've got something to say
I wash my body clean in the sink
but this feeling won't go away go away

I could use some time
away from this rock of mine
this rock is heavy, upon the hill I climb

We're rock hard city
you know we're coming through the back door
back door baby
we're dirty money
keep you begging for more

My palms are clammed up
can't hold my fingers still
the pull of whiskey now and cigarettes girl
are all that I can smell
I've got some money now oh oh
someone that I can use
hangman walking towards me
dressed in black and singing the blues
singing the blues
Track Name: Tel Aviv (live)
was on a dark cool night
the riders took up their arms
riders got on their horses
and rode off towards the dawn
and they will run
and they will hide
they'll ride into the night

with a black and white cross
painted onto their shields
the very image of God
burns across gold fields
and they will run
they will hide
they'll ride into the night

and they will run
and they will hide
they'll ride ride ride ride into the night

I know a thing or two
I know you're wrong
they don't look like I look
they don't talk like I talk
and it's all your fault
Track Name: World Illuminated (live)
There's a hole on my tongue
where the vividest dreams
open up to the heavens
and bring God to my feet
there's a hole on my heart
tells the darkness we're here
and the darkness she weeps
she's screaming back at me yeah

if it's fear
that motivates you
cry all night alone
and the pain
flowing down
on the riverbed
is pulling us away from shore

and the blankets are pulled over the windows
the walls are red
and the voices calling you baby are only in your head
and this hole on my heart
tells the darkness we're here
and the darkness she weeps
she's screaming, beckoning


and when the stars align
the world illuminated
Track Name: Winter Night (live)
The forest comes alive at midnight
Satin lovers lay their bodies on the grass
You speak lovely words
You feel so right
We rolled down hills like children and laugh.
Whoah oh
Walk the same old road till day break
Felt the presence here since I was a child
The water on the river black as midnight oil
When I saw that ring I all but collapsed

The place is here
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
Than with you
If I just had you woman
If I just had you woman
Hold my heart in your hands
Track Name: Riddles in the Dark (live)
Bathed in the shadow of a mountain
So long ago it must be myth
There lived a man and now a monster
Beneath the shadows where he hid

A seed was planted in the garden
The love he knew is now benign
Longing for the sunshine on his skin
(begging for the sunshine sunshine)
Trapped in the shadow of the mountain he will die

Buried there in the shadow of the mountain
So long ago now, long ago
He cannot stand the sunshine, sunshine…
Riddles in the dark are all he’ll know

Crawl from the darkness
Into the light
Blinded by fortune
And buried alive

Oh precious lovely silver
Oh what a fool I’ve been babe
But who could ever doubt me lady
Can’t they see the pain I’m in?
Track Name: Blue Light (live)
Glitter on the floor tonight honey
four inch heels so high honey
no mini-skirt required honey
what would it take to take your soul tonight ?
Cause I lost my soul to rock and roll
rolling stones and better bones
rolling down on me

and I woke up this morning
ain't got no soul left to salvage
i've been bruised and broken
by that blue light

Lost my soul
to rock and roll
rolling stones and better bones
rolling down on me.
Track Name: Young Moon Rising (live)
Shadow faces everywhere
I walk the raging road
A young moon is rising
Red above the valley low
The age of men is gone, yes it is
I fear I’ll never sleep
Before I turn to stone
Turn to stone

I walk through solid walls
Melt the summers snow
Speak in textures and
Sallow golden tongues

The air I breathe
And the sound I see
The world is not
What I thought it’d be
I must get home
before I turn to stone
Turn to stone

I ride beneath the waves
Through somber sleep
I ride the ocean wind
There and back again

I’m a young moon rising
Young Moon is Rising
Track Name: Bad Man (live)
I see the way you look at me babe
I see the fire in your eyes
Just know you’re not the first one
To take me home tonight

When the sun rose on the bed I made
I wasn’t even there
And the hell I raised
The women I praised ain’t got a clue

I’ve been a bad bad man
Bad bad man
I’ll be real bad for you
Been a bad bad man yeah
A bad bad man
You know I’m mad for you woman
Track Name: Moonshine (live)
beneath a moonlit sky
I shake the shadows off
they fall away
like tears from your lover's arms

so claim what's yours in this kingdom
and take what you've been given
the wine here will cure you
Moonshine erases it
Track Name: Swamp Stomp (live)
There’s a fire burning in the valley
Burning hot and burning wild
There’s a fire in the swamp now baby
Burning on into the night

There’s a fire burning in the foothills
Burning hot and burning bright
There’s a fire burning in the swampland
Lead me on into the night

You gotta stomp heavy
Till I’m old and weary
Cant stop me grooving
I’m on fire, baby that’s alright
Track Name: Hot Boyz (live)
as night falls damp on the dusty town
a tall cool stranger he enters the bar oh yeah
he puts on a show, drinks heavy beer
finds himself a lovely woman with such lovely hair oh yeah
you know what i'm talking about baby
he said tonight we're gonna drink until the Mississippi river's dry

Turn me on
suck me dry like the desert sun
burn me down
you're hot as hell

small town girls never seen this man
he smells of spices from a distant land oh yeah
he smells like the finest whiskey
he said tonight we're gonna drink until the California coast is dry
we're gonna play you something baby, lets move those little ass cheeks side to side

turn me on
suck me dry like the desert sun
burn me down you're a brick house
you're hot as hell
Track Name: The Road Goes Ever On (live)
Across the moor she sings her song
Of goodness into me
Her song, a song, a lovely song
Sings me to sleep
I see there fixed upon her back
Broken wings smothered in ash

She sings of handsome kings and lovely queens
Of better days, and laughter
Before the shadow fell upon her heart
And darkness became her master

As daylight breaks in the night
The people settled in like winter
The spring will come and rescue us
From the night time
The spring must come
The spring must come

And daylight breaks the night
And it melted the snow
I felt the sunshine, sunshine on my skin
And I know it in my bones
That the road goes ever on
The road goes ever on
The road goes ever on